ACTA Musei Macedonici Scientiarum Naturalium is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, published by the Macedonian Museum of Natural History. ACTA is published with one issue, equaling one volume, per year, both on-line as an open-access journal, and in printed version. There are no article submission or processing charges. In the case of sufficient submissions, two issues will be released per year.

The first issue of ACTA was printed in 1953, and was published almost regularly until 1995. In 2017, ACTA has seen its revival after 22 years of dormancy. Now it comes in a new format, as a standard journal issue, but more importantly, it has incorporated many of the ever-growing guidelines for high-quality open access journal in its editorial and publication policy.

ACTA publishes original research papers, short notes, reviews and comments in geology, mineralogy, paleontology, zoology, mycology, botany, and ecology. Topics can also be from the fields of geomorphology, microbiology, molecular biology and nature conservation as long as they focus on natural processes and phenomena.

The geographic scope is not limited, however contributions from the Republic of Macedonia and the Balkan Peninsula are encouraged. ACTA will consider articles dealing with natural history museums and collections, description of new taxa, reporting of rare or otherwise important findings, and taxonomic inventories. Comments on papers already published in ACTA, in form of highly ethical discussion, are encouraged as one of the means to advance the science. All manuscripts will be subject to a peer review process.

The contents of the journal might be used according to the provisions included in the non-commercial Creative Common license.